We are Devils for Businesses.

To connect local students with local businesses.
To provide the smartest and most affordable web solutions for our community.


Our Story

The Devils for Businesses project was developed to address the lacking of smart yet affordable web solutions for Arizona’s small business owners. To address the problems faced by Arizona’s business owners, the project was set out to find ASU students who study in various undergraduate programs that directly or indirectly relate to web development and small business marketing. The Devils for Businesses project was then created to connect these passionate students with local businesses and be their best source for creative and affordable web solutions.


Smartest Web Solutions

We take pride in using proven strategies for the best possible results. We put everything we got in every project, no matter how big or small it is.


Most Affordable By Far

We are the most affordable because we use the most cost-effective strategies. We’ve researched all the competition and we encourage you to do so too – It’s very difficult to beat our prices.


Lifetime Customer Service

Unlike other internet service providers, our relation with our clients don’t end when the project is finished. We’ll always be here if you need any support.

What It Is

Devils for Businesses is a project that brings together ASU student entrepreneurs to provide smart and creative web solutions to local small businesses across the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

How It Works

We bring together the most talented student entrepreneurs. Once an Arizonan business owner connects with our project, we utilize these talents to work specifically for the needs of the business owner.


Why It Exists

To connect talented student entrepreneurs with Arizona’s business owners. To provide the smartest and most affordable internet solutions for Arizona’s small business community. To allow students to build upon their passion.

We connect student entrepreneurs with local businesses.

To provide the smartest and most affordable internet solutions that effectively presents them on the web.

Utilizing the power of ASU's top talent in providing internet marketing for local Arizonan businesses.

Welcome to the Devils for Businesses project.

By local students. For local businesses.

Did you know that the average U.S. consumer spends 15 hours per week on social media?

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