Introducing the Connect program.

The smartest and most affordable website development solution for Arizona’s local businesses.

We’ve done our research, located a problem, and developed a solution.

Before the Connect Program was ever developed, we took the time to speak with small business owners from all across the Phoenix Metropolitan. We spoke to owners and managers of local restaurants, barbershops, hair salons, cafés, and many other types of businesses. We learned about the perceptions of local business owners towards internet marketing services. We found a problem, and we set out to solve it.

What we found out about Arizona’s local businesses:


Without a Website

Over 55% of local business owners we interviewed did not have a business website.


Cannot Afford Services

About 90% would like internet marketing services, but believe that they are too expensive.


Less Than Half Are Satisfied

Only about 45% of local business owners were satisfied with their online presence.


Outdated Content

Over 85% had online content that was too outdated and couldn’t be edited.

The core problem is that internet marketing has become a cost, when it should be an investment.

That’s where we turn the tables around,

and offer Arizona’s business owners with smarter and more cost-efficient internet solutions.

Traditional internet marketing services – such as web design and web development- were never designed to meet the needs of small business owners. Although businesses of larger scales can expect such services to be an investment to their business, it will only be a cost to the small business owner. We believe that this is the reason many small business owners clear away from internet marketing services. When so much money is put into these services, and too little is brought back into the business, what is the point? Because of this, we developed cost-effective strategies that help us provide traditionally expensive services, for much more reasonable plans. But that is not all, because our services are not only more cost-effective, they are smarter, packed with more features, and headache-free in that they adapt to the small business owner’s demands.

Free web design & development for Arizona’s independent businesses.

Freelancers charge you hundreds and agencies charge thousands –none of which are reasonable investments in your business.

No more outdated content. We make website updates easy.
Tell us what you need changed through a special contact form, and we’ll make requested changes for free.


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Blazing fast hosting that is reliable and highly secure.
There is nothing worst than having your site down every other day. Our project’s hosting is fast and reliable so that AZ business owners don’t have to worry about slow loading times or site crashes.


Up to 3 free professional e-mails for your business.
Professional e-mails are a must for any business. Hosting companies charge monthly fees to have them, but they are provided freely by our project. Examples include,, and


Trust and clear communication is key.
Learn how project managers humanize our services to bring comfort and trust to the local business owner. 


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Connect your business to our project!

Impress your clients with a stunning business website, blazing fast hosting, and social media integration.


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