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  • Traditional internet marketing services – such as web design and development – were never designed to meet the needs of small business owners. Although businesses of larger scales can expect such services to be an investment to their business, it will only be a cost to the small business owner. We believe that this is the reason many small business owners clear away from internet marketing services. When so much money is put into these services, and too little is brought back into the business, what is the point?

Writing about the solution(s) your business offers:

  • Devils for Businesses’ All-In-One web development solution, the Connect program, makes advanced web development affordable and possible for Arizona’s small business community. The program excels in it’s ability to make web development affordable yet highly effective for Arizona’s small business owners. From local business owners and professionals, to small and medium sized institutions, the Connect program has helped Arizona’s community in placing their marks on the web.

Writing the facts and citing the statistics:

  • Roughly 55% of Arizona’s small business owners do not have a website. Of the business owners without a web presence, 90% believe web development is too expensive. As the internet grows rapidly, this problem grows with it. In a 2014 survey conducted by Devils for Businesses, only about 45% of local business owners were satisfied with their online presence.

Writing for the About Page

  • The Devils for Businesses project was developed to address the lacking of smart yet affordable web solutions for Arizona’s small business owners. To address the problems faced by Arizona’s business owners, the project was set out to find ASU students who study in various undergraduate programs that directly or indirectly relate to web development and small business marketing. The Devils for Businesses project was then created to connect these passionate students with local businesses and be their best source for creative and affordable web solutions.

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