Website Design Features

The Connect Program offers creative, functional and amazingly fast performing websites (without spending thousands).

In today’s world, online presence for small businesses has become a must.  Businesses now need functional, well-thought-out and attractive websites in order to attract a generation that spends most of their time on the web. A website can not only give your business more online presence and a larger customer base, but If built right, it can serve as a powerful sales and marketing tool, a huge credibility factor, and a source of important information for your clients. However website design and services cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. With the Connect Program, their is zero cost for web design and development.


Here are Our Website Design Features

WordPress CMS

We use WordPress for all our clients’ websites. It’s arguably the best CMS available.

Easy on the Eyes

Our websites are easy to read. Nothing is worst that unnecessary graphics and hard-to-read text.

Speed Optimized

We ensure that your website is blazing fast for your customers. In this fast world, there is no time for a slow website.

Clean & Tight Code

All our websites have extra clean & tightened code. This helps with performance & SEO.

Simple Navigation

We make sure that websites are easy to navigate and that all pages are linked properly.

Smart Web Frameworks

We incorporate the smartest web frameworks -such as Genesis & Thesis- in our clients’ websites.

Unlimited Pages

Unlike other designers, we don’t limit the amount of pages you want on your website.

Fully Responsive

Our websites look stunning on all devices, no matter how small or big the device is.

SEO Ready

SEO is kept in mind throughout the whole design process. We understand the importance of it.

Features that Makes Us Stand Out

Strong Emphasis on Clean & Tight Code

There are a few coding principles that we always keep in mind.
– Coding lines from start to finish are focused and to-the-point.
– Coding is non-redundant and is as short as possible.
– Everything is tested for quality.

Search Engine Optimized. Speed Optimized.

We offer standard Search Engine and Speed Optimization for all our web design clients.
This ensures that even if you do not follow up with SEO services, your website will be competitively ranked in local or even organic searches.



Utelization of the Smartest Web Frameworks

Benefits include:
– Superb Performance & Speed
– Smarter Search Engine Optimization
– Better Security
– Awesome Responsiveness


Social Media Integration

Keep your website social and connected. We can connect all your social media accounts to your business website. Your social media posts and images will automatically propagate onto your business website.