The complete guide for signing up to the Connect Program:

First & second steps: request a call back and speak with a project manager
At this stage, we simply want to obtain a general understanding of your business to ensure that the Connect Program is right for you. Our phone calls are brief and will only take a few minutes.

We accept roughly 97% of small businesses that request to be apart of the Connect Program. The two main reasons for rejections are the following:

  • A company is not a local Arizonan business.
  • A company is solely an online business that would rely entirely on Devils for Businesses for it’s revenues.

Use any of our contact forms to request a call back from us.

Final step: sign up online & begin the web development process
Sign up online using any of the sign up buttons on our site. When you’re signing up, you’ll be asked for your contact info & payment info which will be used for future hosting fees. The Connect Program hosting fee is $20.00 per month. However the first charge is not set until after the web development phase is completed. The web development phase is 30 days long and begins after you sign up online.

Web development process
This process requires the combined effort of both the business owner and Devils for Businesses.

Below are the things needed from the business owner:

  1. Send in your filled out “Connect Form” to our support e-mail. This form has been sent to you the first day in which you signed up.
  2. Send in the initial Content for your site. This includes writings about your business as well as any images you would like to have on your site. This also includes your company’s logo. We highly recommend to use our content submission form.
  3. Grant us access to your domain registrar so that we direct your domain to our servers. If you would like to do this part yourself, we’ll send you the necessary information needed for you to do so.

You could write your entire site's content in 10 minutes or less.

We created a form that will guide you through the entire process of writing the perfect content for your new site. It will save you time and energy.


Upon sending all needed material, we’ll begin the development of your site. You won’t be able to see your site as it is being developed. Upon completion of the basic design of your site, we’ll contact you through the phone and walk you through your new site. We’ll also ensure that you are satisfied with your site’s design (experience tells us that you’ll be quite happy with what you see).

Request updates to your site content
You can always request new content to be added onto your site. Use our simple form to request free updates at anytime: