Infomercials wouldn’t be that great if it wasn’t for the people that are in them.

Provided for those signed up to the Connect program.

NOTE: Infomercials are not filmed during the summer. Free infomercials will resume in the Fall starting October.

Be sure to watch in 1080p HD

Who are these videos created for?

Our complementary video production service is provided to Arizonan business owners who are signed up to our Connect program. The Connect program helps local business owners make a bold statement on the web without having to pay hundreds or thousands for web development.

How much does it cost me to have a similar video?

Video production, editing, and publishing is complementary and free of charge. The business owner will have to pay a small travel fee.

How much is the travel fee?

Travel fees for businesses within most areas of the Phoenix Metropolitan are in the range $30.00.

I have a home based business. Will the production team be ok with filming in my house?

Yes! The production team will come to you. Just because you run your business from home, that shouldn’t make you shy away from one of the most effective marketing tools: video.